AirAgri works to unlock the true value of record keeping in agricultural

Record keeping is pointless unless you have the time to extract insights and trends from manual / hand written notes and records.

This is where AirAgri helps.

When a property starts to record keep using AirAgri they instantly start building a historical picture of the operation, land improvement, asset maintenance and most importantly the livestock/crops or revenue stream.
This revenue stream is so important as livestock/crops are like gold with a variety of different purity. But in this case the purity is the animals or plants genetics and scores. So no matter what stage of maturity or how many generations you have been farming the simple understanding of cause and effect is critical to ongoing success.
Success in our eyes at AirAgri is two measures. 

  • Farmers having more time for themselves and their families
  • Improving the output of their property, while not creating long term asset / pastoral losses.    
  • We are so excited about the future of tech in ag but we are not going to get distracted on the significant amount of value we can drive by simple / consistent measurement.     

This is why our message is simple.

“From pocket to phone”

 Removing an easily misplaced diary with a backed up easy to use mobile application tool.

Over years of testing it’s the simplest direct change we created, with the indirect change which has allowed anyone access to clean and accurate historical data. Which is not asking you to change what you do but make the decision you make today more valuable.

  • Remove / draft animals that genetically could detract from your genetic improvement strategy
  • Understand the short / medium and long term impact of pastoral improvement
  • Unlock the linkage between pastoral improvement and stock rotation
  • Simplify cropping management with rainfall and climate technology to compare past and present yields.

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