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What We Do For Farmers and their Families

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Precision tracking and alerts

We help farmers track the location of the most valuable asset, our people. AirAgri stands out as the premier software solution tailored to meet the needs of farmers, making it the ultimate choice when it comes to protecting farmers and their teams.

Active Safety Tools

Technology is a tool, not a toy; AirAgri helps farmers automate and remind them when and how to stay on top of safety. Keeping the essential items top of mind.


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Ag deaths in Victoria (Since 2020)
National Ag Deaths (This Year)
0 days
One farmer dies from suicide
0 in4
suffer from a cardio vascular disease
Protecting the farm

#1 Why is this important, can it wait?


Just like you, we kicked the can down the road, but with insurance premiums and regulations putting more and more pressure on farmers, we could not live with ourselves if something went wrong and we lost the farm. Could you ?

of work deaths

have a heart disease

What is farm safety?
Farm safety is the steps we take to educate and protect our family, workers and contractors. It's easy to fall into the trap of setting up processes and then letting them become placemats that get dusted out once a year. Farm safety is an active activity. It's a daily way of working and allows every person to contribute to a safer work place.
How to protect whats important

We are yet to have a conversation with a farmer that does not value and recognise human life. Even single farmers recognise the concern and anxiety, siblings or extended family / friends have knowing they work in isolation. AirAgri is on a mission to automate alerts to those who care about us if something goes wrong. We also offer a variety of features which support an active effort towards safety,  

What do you charge for this?

AirAgri is software, delivered as an app on your mobile phone and available on the internet via your browser on your computer. We allow everyone to start with out any commitment. But if you value our solution and protecting the people closest to you our premium service is priced at $39.99 per month per property. Unlimited users, acres, crops, livestock.

Want to remove the anxiety & stress?

We found along with the first few hundred properties, on AirAgri that we were able to deliver comfort to family members through the knowledge that our technology will do everything possible to alert them if something is wrong or a person is in need of help. Our automated and manual alert feature alerts everyone to a person's location if and when they are in trouble.

Bringing farmers home safely everyday

Protecting teams and families in the bush.

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