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Our Philosophy: Nurturing the Future of Agriculture

At AirAgri, our mission extends beyond software. We aim to inspire and support the next generation of farmers. Our journey started on our modest farm, where we recognised the need for better record-keeping and management. We discovered that many farmers still relied on pen and paper or disjointed spreadsheets. Driven by our passion for technology, agriculture, and weather, we created AirAgri.

Today, our software is not just a lone safety tool; it's a partner in planning, managing, tracking, reporting, and even forecasting weather. We empower farmers to be more profitable and sustainable, ensuring they can continue to nurture their land, support their families, and come home safely every day.

Join us in protecting every farmer and their team.

We are committed to bringing farmers, their teams, and families home every day. At AirAgri, we don't just offer software; we offer a partnership in safety and efficiency. Let us help you on your journey to a safer, more productive future.

About AirAgri: Pioneering Farm Safety and Management

Australian Innovation for Global Agriculture

Welcome to AirAgri, where our roots are deeply embedded in Australian soil, and our vision encompasses the global agricultural landscape. We are proud to be an Australian-designed, built, and owned farm safety software tool, revolutionising how farming operations are managed.

Our Journey: From Concept to Cloud

A straightforward yet thought-provoking conversation about using technology in farming was the impetus for our story, which started in 1998. Inspired by the contrast between urban tech advancements and the traditional methods on our family farm, we envisioned a future where software could transform agricultural safety and productivity.

From the early days of mapping our farm using Microsoft Paint and brainstorming over laminated A3 maps, our journey has been one of relentless innovation. As technology evolved, so did our dream. The advent of cloud computing and the proliferation of smartphones have been game-changers, enabling us to bring sophisticated agricultural software to every farmer’s pocket.

Today’s AirAgri: Empowering Farmers Worldwide

Fast forward to today, AirAgri stands as a testament to our dream turned reality. Our platform is a comprehensive suite of tools designed for ease and efficiency.

  • Property Map: Streamline your land management with intuitive maps.
  • Farmer Tracking: Keep everyone accounted for and have alerts if anything goes wrong.
  • Inventory Control: Manage everything from chemicals to salt blocks, including machinery and service histories.
  • Task Management: Replace your shed’s whiteboard with our digital task manager.
  • Personal Records: Securely store licenses, health information, and more.
  • Activity Logging: Comprehensive recording for all types of agricultural activities

In 2021, we set out to become Australia’s largest software platform for farmers, offering transparency in technology costs and delivering value at every level. Our Bronze subscription, free for life, is just the beginning of our feature-rich offerings.

% Work place deaths occur in Agriculture:50%


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