It was back in 1998 when we started talking about how we could use software to help the farming operation, We had no idea of what we call it as it was more about my fathers technology experience and what he experienced every day in the city. There was no reason why we could not use software to help create software to help manage what we had in physical form. 

  • Satellite / Aerial image of the property 
  • Map of the farm which i created using Microsoft paint  
  • Whiteboard markings on a laminated a3 map of the property

Fast forward to today, we have digital solutions which enable us to deliver software through the cloud, and as 4G improves along side smart phones we now have the chance to assist every operation with delivering simple and effective agricultural software into every farmers pocket / phone. 

So fast forward to 2021 some 23 year from the first conversation on how we could use software to help farmers focus on pasture and livestock we have successfully fulfilled that dream, and its only started with cloud based agricultural software. 

Today we offer farmers and anyone with a smart phone or computer and a internet connection the ability to manage their property with ease. 

  • Manage paddocks
  • Manage and record mobs and individual livestock / animals 
  • Record assets and inventory (Chemicals to salt blocks) dont forget about your tractors and service history
  • Task management (Digital notice board / white board in the shed)
  • Personal records to store licences and health information 
  • Activities of every type no matter livestock, paddock or asset based

 2021 will see us become the largest software platform for farmers and the agricultural industry in Australia as we open up in a transparent way what it costs us to deliver technology into farms. 

We have managed to get a feature rich list into our bronze subscription which is free for life and that is just the start. Its been a journey but it is just the beginning. 

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