AIrAgri an Agricultural Software / Technology company owned and based in Australia, is focused on adding value to not only the farmer, property and animals. We also are attempting to bring communities together by networking everyone together in a simple and easy way.

AirAgri started with a simple idea, but it was quickly discovered that farmers and their properties were only as good as the community that they weave into. Thus allowing the development of the technology to evolve and start adding to what makes a community.

First we started by creating simple profiles, which not only made it easier to invite community members to your property but also exposed critical profile information to property owners.

  • Licences
  • Certifications
  • Emergency information

The profile features part of our free subscription and allows value to individuals to store valuable information and licences in one place, but also equally allows property owners access to critical information to validate someones qualifications and emergency contact information.

We also did not forget the value of a the good old teledex from the 70’s, we grew up with the ability to reference a neighbours number and dial away. So with the community profiles enabled we allow users to contribute and turn on their profiles to be visible in the AirAgri directory which allows users to be able to search for contacts in a radius around their property.  While we give users the control to be private or public users also have the ability to share their surname or initial and control on what they share with respect to contact information.

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