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High Resolution Weather

Access weather for your paddock, not your district. Make the right decisions every time.

Only $39.95 per month

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Understand the current weather will do, and track the weather that will arrive in days or weeks in advance.

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AUD per month

Optional add-ons

Personal support from $55 per month

Weather Station from $75 a month

Setup starting from $199 once off



AUD per month

Optional add-ons

Personal support from $55 per month

Weather Station from $75 a month

Setup starting from $199 once off

Unlock the code to your micro climate with AirAgri

Support your consultants, protect yourself, and keep more cash in your back pocket

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Hobby Farms, large family farms, enterprises, and governments locally and globally trust AirAgri with their weather.

Farm Weather

Weather has always been a critical factor in Australian agriculture, influencing everything from….

new weather radar

The ability to predict weather accurately can transform farming practices, enhance productivity, and mitigate risks. 

Farm safety and fatigue helped with property weather

Fatigue and time pressure can be mitigated through better planning and foresight.

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