AirAgri is devoted to personalising every farmer’s experience to their unique business. We are meticulously onboarding each property by hand. This approach ensures that every user receives comprehensive support and care as they start using technology on the farm.
We understand the diversity of our users’ needs. We’ve got you covered if you prefer to set up your property independently. We will provide a YouTube link with detailed instructions for a self-guided setup upon request. This way, you can move at your own pace yet still have access to our support if needed.
Joining our waitlist secures your place in line and allows us to better serve you by providing a tailored, efficient, and smooth onboarding experience. We appreciate your understanding and patience, as we believe in taking this essential step towards transforming productivity, safety, and digital record-keeping in farming.

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Have one of our amazing team members setup your property and account at no charge.



I am happy to navigate and setup myself, and will ask if i need help